Facing Giants

The Lord Who Delivered David Will Deliver Us

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The scene was impressive to say the least. On one mountaintop, the vast army of the Philistines with its undefeated champion, Goliath, was positioned, ready and willing to pounce upon its prey. On the opposite mountaintop were the armies of Israel, severely outmatched, sorely undermanned, and pitifully outgunned! According to 1 Samuel 17:3, a valley of certain death lay between them. On paper, this was a most unfair fight! There was literally no way for the army of Israel to have a wish or a prayer. They were defeated from the beginning, except for one detail: they were more than the army of Israel, this was God’s army! God was in their midst. When God shows up, victories ensue.

Bringing the story into today’s context, what are some of the giants that God’s people face today? Division, strife, discontent, pride, envy, loss of focus, duplicity, etc. Just like Goliath, the giants of today tower above us, intimidating us, filling us with fear and apprehension. But just like then, God is also with us now. He never gives up on us even when we have given up on Him. With five little stones in his satchel, what odds did David really have against the menacing giant? But as it turns out, the fight wasn’t between the scrawny David and the muscle-bound Goliath. It was between the Captain of the Lord’s army, Christ Himself, and the master deceiver, Satan.

I am taken with the words of little David as he mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to face the giant. While everyone else was talking about Goliath, he was talking about His Lord! David proclaims, “The Lord, Who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the claws of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine!” Absolute confidence in his Lord, his Savior, his Defender! That is precisely how you and I should approach the challenges and hurdles we face today. There are those times we feel sorely mismatched and prematurely defeated, but when we stand with Christ and in the power of His might, the odds of victory are turned sharply in favor of the Master’s cause. There are battles that are personal, appetite, carnal lusts, and character development, and then there are battles that are more corporate in nature like unity, dedication to the task at hand (preaching the Gospel), and maintaining a heavenly outlook in the midst of a worldly environment. The battle bugle has sounded, the lines have been drawn, and the conflict rages. What is our position?

The world around us watches closely as we face the challenges of today’s society. Our demeanor and our faith testify for or against the power of God to overcome any trial or test. May we remain faithful and true in the details and unseen battles of our lives that He may be glorified in all we do! May we be counted among the faithful, among the committed, among the redeemed ready to receive Him. Let us remember each other more in prayer and supplication as that day approaches.

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