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Texas Conference Names Randy Terry

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Alvarado » Randy Terry has accepted the call to serve as Texas Conference Treasurer and was voted by the Executive Committee in March. The previous Treasurer, Edwin Romero, accepted a call to serve in Adventist Retirement. Terry was previously Treasurer for the Upper Columbia Conference in Washington. Throughout his career, Randy has worked for the Columbia Union, Chesapeake, and Carolina Conferences as an accountant, assistant treasurer, and associate treasurer.

“Randy is a committed follower of Christ with a passion for the mission of the church,” says Bob Folkenberg, Jr., Upper Columbia Conference president. He has a business degree from Washington Adventist University, and is also a certified public accountant, certified financial planner, and trust officer. Terry and his wife, Tamara, have three sons: Joey, Jonathan, and James. The family enjoys cycling, hiking, and kayaking.

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