Medical Missionaries

Jefferson Christian Academy Adds Medical Training

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Jefferson » Students at Jefferson Christian Academy (JCA) in Jefferson, Texas have been introduced to many aspects of the medical missionary work during their junior and senior religion classes. They have learned and practiced the benefits of natural treatments and remedies such as the healing aspect of a black strap molasses facial, hot and cold therapy, and learning and then lecturing others on the eight laws of health. During the semester, they focused on some basic principles and information regarding medical missionary work and how it can impact their lives.

When learning about the biblical principles of health, the students learned that a good loaf of bread can be a sermon in itself. The class spent time in the school kitchen learning to bake bread. Each student produced enough for himself and others.

Although the black strap molasses facial seemed a little extreme at class time, those who continued the therapy on their own were pleasantly surprised how quickly it cleared up blemishes and smoothed out their skin. Learning to take care of your body is big business today. There are new discoveries all the time about herbal concoctions that promote health. We are happy that our young people are learning healthful living, something that is part of our church heritage.

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