Journey to Romania

Total Member Involvement Spreads to Eastern Europe

Texico » On February 7, I was on my way to Romania where I would be one of more than 2,000 speakers joining together to conduct evangelistic meetings throughout the country in conjunction with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists' “Total Member Involvement” (TMI) initiative. Last year TMI meetings were held throughout Rwanda, Africa, with unprecedented success, but would it work in secularized Eastern Europe?

My destination was the city of Craiova in the southwestern portion of the country. I would be preaching in the church of Motoci, a small community north of the city. This congregation is made up of about 50 friendly members.

The members and I were pleasantly surprised when 35 visitors attended the first night and attendance grew to over 45 as the series continued. This was quite a full house for this small church. As every chair was filled and more people were coming in the door, I invited people to come and sit on the side of platform. From that point forward, this became the children’s section, where they sat quietly to my left while I was preaching.

One group of visitors stood out in my mind. I found out that they were gypsies who were seeking the truth from God’s Word. Night after night they came and responded to the appeals to follow Christ. I had the opportunity to visit this group in one of their homes and we sat around their table enjoying the homemade treats and spiritual conversation for two and a half hours. The man of the house finally declared, with tears streaming down both cheeks, “I have to know the truth of the Bible.” This man and his wife both made the decision to prepare for baptism at the conclusion of our meetings.

Were our evangelistic endeavors successful? I believe they were and only in heaven will we know how great the effect was. On June 3, 2017, Romania is planning a country-wide baptism for all those who are ready to make this commitment. Please remember these people in your prayers as they accept Christ and make their decisions to live for Him.

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