Mission to New Orleans

Union Youth and Young Adults Volunteer in Louisiana

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New Orleans, La. » The Southwestern Union youth and young adult department hosted a youth and young adult mission trip to New Orleans March 12 to 18, with more than 100 volunteers engaging and serving the community.

The service projects included helping those who were victims of a recent tornado. They helped an elderly man put tarps on his house, helped a church try to salvage some of its furniture, performed beautification in the Ninth Ward, adopted grandparents, and visited them in the nursing home.

They cut grass, picked up trash from the tornado, and even cleaned up debris that had remained untouched since 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

On Sabbath morning, March 18, the group had a joint church service with the area churches coming together for one worship service with 650 to 700 people. After the service, the youth held a parade in the New Orleans East community, promoting an end to violence.

The parade concluded with a rally in the park sharing the message of God’s love. The parade and rally reached more than 300 individuals from the community, with volunteers passing out tracts and praying with the citizens.

For more information you can follow us at #MoreCompassionNOLA

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