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Pastor Continues Ministry After Near-fatal Accident

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Harrison, Ark. » On April 7, 2016, a nearly fatal motorcycle accident landed Daniel and Mary Ann Kaffenberger in Springfield, Missouri’s Mercy Hospital ICU, clinging tenuously to life. At the time, Daniel Kaffenberger was the district pastor of the Harrison and Berryville, Arkansas Seventh-day Adventist churches. Mary Ann lost her right leg a few inches above her knee and Daniel was in a coma for weeks. Yet, our Lord was with them through it all, and each are recovering, though not without loss. Daniel is left with total blindness in his right eye, and virtual blindness in his left eye. But, we praise the Lord he is still on fire for the Lord, and still enjoys preaching at least a couple of Sabbaths each month.

After Daniel regained consciousness in July, Jack Farrell, elder of the Berryville church, took Donald and Emma Guillon to visit him in the hospital. During this visit, Donald expressed his desire for baptism. Emma had already been baptized by Daniel.

Donald finally got his wish last December. With Guillon and Farrell helping him into and out of the baptistry, Daniel managed to enter the baptistry in spite of his near total blindness. The Berryville Seventh-day Adventist Church happily welcomes Don into fellowship.

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