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Oklahoma Academy Students Teach Choctaw Sabbath School

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Harrah » During the first quarter of each calendar year, the Oklahoma Academy junior class sends several students to the Choctaw Seventh-day Adventist Church to help teach the children’s Sabbath school classes. This year, six students came to help us with our classes. This is part of their academy speech class.

Sophie, Kyle, and Mattie helped with the Primary class. Kyle blessed us with his special musical talents, ably accompanying our children as they sang songs during class. The student teachers took turns teaching the Sabbath school lesson. Robin Sagel, the primary leader, always gives the lesson materials to the students and lets them prepare and teach the lessons in whatever way they choose. They also help with other parts of the Sabbath school class whenever they are asked to do so.

Our three student teachers were talented and capable, and did a wonderful job. It’s a privilege to meet our young people who are preparing for leadership and service to God.  Our Choctaw children enjoy having new teachers, and everybody benefits from the experience.

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