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Members Remember Outdoor Church at Lake Draper

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Tulsa » Happy Sabbath! The welcome we share with our brothers and sisters in Christ each Sabbath was missed in mid-January, as Oklahoma was to have the “worst ice storm we’ve seen in a decade!” Many churches cancelled services and most of us chose to worship at home. We joined in prayer during the Ten Days of prayer and one of our prayer requests was that we would be spared this ice storm with the loss of electricity that often accompanies an ice storm. And God was good! Though schools, businesses, and churches closed for two days, Friday and Saturday, there was no ice! Our Creator responds so mercifully to our prayers. 

On cold, cloudy Sabbaths like that day, thoughts often turn to God’s beautiful creation and the anticipation of Spring. Last Spring, the Oklahoma International Church enjoyed “Outdoor Church” at a park on Draper Lake. It was wonderful! We shared a simple lunch of sandwiches, chips and desserts. There was lots of good music, a wonderful sermon and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. It’s a true blessing to spend time out in God’s creation with fellow believers. One of our little ones kept bringing me small yellow flowers he had found. They were beautiful and delicate as was that little fellow. The birds were singing their lovely songs. The clouds drifted slowly overhead. On a cold, rainy day, it’s nice to think ahead to another “Outdoor Church” with our beloved church family in the Spring. Won’t it be grand to have this beautiful earth recreated by our Father where we’ll never be isolated from the family of God because of ice and snow?

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