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Larry Moore: Gratitude & Praise

Larrymoore dec2016 thumb

We serve an amazing God. Isaiah 40:28 says that “He will not grow tired or weary.” I know that God never wearies of hearing our prayers, but I believe He …

Buford Griffith: Gratitude & Praise

Bufordgriffithjr dec2016 cr thumb

What is an attitude of gratitude? Psalm 103 has been appropriately called the psalm of “The Attitude of Gratitude” in the book, Deliverance in the Psalms, by the late Dr. …

John Page: Gratitude & Praise

Johnpage dec2016 cr thumb

I can forget how blessed I really am. Sometimes, I don’t even realize it. Last year, there was a lot of talk about the top one percent, who are considered …

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