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I did not grow up in the Seventh-day Adventist faith. I was 14 years old when I learned that Jesus was a real person with whom I could have a personal relationship, not just an image I prayed to when I needed protection or luck. 

My late uncle “Memo” and his family had invited my siblings and me to a Vacation Bible School program, and since we lived far from their church, they opened up their home to my brother, my two sisters and me for the entire week. My parents were invited to the graduation program and although they felt a little out of place, the warmth and friendliness of the members soon made them feel as welcome as we felt at my uncle’s house with his family. Our lives were changed. Jesus had showed me through His word that He was in charge of everything in my life and that no matter the circumstance, He would always be there for me and with me.

A few years ago, as I was leaving work on a Friday afternoon, this truth was tested. My employer was struggling financially and our paychecks would not be available that day. I had enough gas to get home and either go to church that evening or the next day on Sabbath. I called my wife, Angelica, and told her to get ready for church. I reasoned that God never misses a day with me, so I wouldn’t miss an opportunity with Him. As I drove home, I kept an eye on the gas gauge praying silently for God to perform a miracle. Within minutes of praying, the gauge jumped from ⅛ tank to ½ a tank. I was astounded. The next day, on Sabbath afternoon, I received a check with payment from a previous job. That check paid for gas and food until I received my regular paycheck.

God has been good to us in so many ways. When we lived in California, the aforementioned company closed and I was laid off. We were very grateful to God for always taking care of us, so we knew that He had to have a plan for us. We prayed earnestly and sought His guidance. Soon, another uncle recommended we move to Arkansas. His family offered us their home until we could find a place of our own. We continued praying and felt God lead us to the Natural State. We packed and loaded our belongings into an 18-wheeler that happened to be heading in that direction. The cost to take all of our furniture would be $800.

We made the 1,600-mile trip to Arkansas and our stuff caught up to us three days later. When the driver arrived, he said we owed him nothing. He simply said, “God bless you.” We were shocked and incredibly thankful. That same week we found an apartment which required the first month’s rent as a deposit. The total to be paid was $800! Once again, God came through for us. No matter how difficult the situation, God has always, always provided for us. His providence and blessings haven’t always occurred in our time. However, we have learned to trust in His perfect and exact timing. 

Pedro, Angelica, and their sons, Pedro and Angel, live in Ola, Arkansas.

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