Sports Fundraiser

More than 400 Attend to Support Adventist Education

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Fort Worth » Fort Worth Adventist Jr. Academy hosted a unique fundraising event. They held their second annual Dallas/Fort Worth Area Church Sports Tournament and Spring Festival, on the school’s campus. To support the school, Adventist churches came from all over the Metroplex to participate in soccer, basketball, and volleyball tournaments. While the tournaments were taking place, others enjoyed food and games.

There were plenty of activities for families, such as an obstacle course, train rides, and games with prizes. This event also provided a witnessing opportunity as many non-Adventists were invited to participate and enjoy the day. Neighborhood kids noticed the event and came to see for themselves what was taking place at the school’s campus. Over 400 people from about 20 Adventist churches came to support this fundraising event. Many enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship with area churches and look forward to this annual event.

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