Agriculture Program

Students Learn Stewardship Through Farming

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Jefferson » Jefferson Christian Academy (JCA) is a Seventh-day Adventist, self-supporting boarding academy managed by the Jefferson Academy Church and community, located in the beautiful Piney Woods of northeast Texas. 

The academy’s agriculture program uses a gardening area that consists of three greenhouses, one screenhouse, two long hoop houses, and an 8,000-square foot outdoor garden where the students and staff are learning and working together to produce the best tasting, healthiest food possible.

Growing delicious, nutrient-rich plants starts with the soil. The academy is following a high-brix garden program, which enables us to grow higher yields of nutrient dense produce. We are utilizing a combination of organic additions, custom mineral broadcasts, nutrient drenches, foliar sprays, and sea solids to develop and maintain the energy and life in the soil. We use no harmful pesticides or chemicals, and are striving to use only natural means to control pests and weeds so those who consume the produce can enjoy it worry free.

The academy’s “Community Supported Agriculture” program is geared to help our students learn social responsibility and stewardship of local land. It keeps food dollars in the local community, as it eliminates the middleman and encourages direct cooperation and communication between the consumer and the grower. 

This program puts the “farmer’s face on the food” and increases awareness of how, where, and by whom our food is grown. With community support we can concentrate our students’ efforts on doing the best job they can to produce quality food instead of marketing.

JCA has planned its harvests to include lettuces, greens, tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, cucumbers, green beans, onions, summer squashes, winter squashes, purple hull peas, cabbages, carrots, beets, sweet corn, melons, radishes, okra, and more. We are still planting, and we are already harvesting many wonderful vegetables. If you would like to join the JCA “Community Supported Agriculture” program, please contact us at: Jefferson Christian Academy, 3060 FM 728, Jefferson, TX 75657. 903.665.3973. 

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