Larry Moore: Household Faith

Making Your Home a Little Heaven on Earth

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God has placed us in community in order to grow spiritually. Of course, we can grow on our own—with God’s help—but He has designed us to encourage one another. The logical place to start is with family, but sometimes that is the hardest. Maybe it’s because we know each other so well or maybe we are reluctant to share our inmost thoughts with those we love. Whatever the reason, we need to encourage and be encouraged by family. Besides the encouragement we give or receive, there are other benefits; for instance, communication between spouses is vital to a happy marriage, and worship can aid in the marital process. As we become aware of each other’s spiritual challenges, we learn how to pray for the other and how to encourage each other. 

Family worship is of utmost importance for children. As we model worship together, the children will quickly pick up the importance and joy of family time. Give them time to talk and listen to their burdens; lead them to Jesus. Matthew 19:14 reminds us that Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Our children are likely to pick up the good habits they see at home and carry them over to their own home when they are grown, thus creating a ripple effect that will bless generations.

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