Buford Griffith: Household Faith

Making Your Home a Little Heaven on Earth

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Meaningful relationships require two essentials: time and communication. Our time with God is vital and necessary. Jesus in His earthly ministry gave us an example of the value of spending time with God in prayer and the study of His Word. We are enriched as God speaks to us from His Word, and we are privileged to speak to God through the avenue of prayer. To grow spiritually as an individual and as a family is mandated by this daily connection with God, along with  contemplation of how to apply what is studied. 

An often-neglected activity in the home circle is family worship. It is a time set aside for the family, regardless of the family makeup, to pause and reflect on God’s goodness during the past hours of the day the family has been apart. When families come together daily to experience this encounter with God, a bond is solidified with both the Almighty and with each other. I believe that if families would invest time with God and with each other in daily family worship, many of the problems that surface in the home arena would be resolved. We have the heavenly resources of the triune God, and angels who are available and eager to assist us in our spiritual growth. Our families will be made strong as we make our God-connection the priority in our lives.

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