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Slidell Church Celebrates 45th Anniversary

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Slidell, La. » On March 25, the Slidell Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated its 45th anniversary as a church. Several former members and guests were in attendance. We began with Sabbath School followed by morning worship service, with special music by the church choir and a congregational group photo in the pulpit of the church. 

The worship service was followed with a fellowship lunch of salads, vegetarian soups and sandwiches, and a collection of desserts. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and food. In the afternoon, we gathered in the sanctuary for a short program that included a reading of the Slidell church history by the church clerk, Evelyn Teal. 

Denis Deroam and Bobby Teal then shared a video showing how our church started and the growth and changes through the years. Bobby and Evelyn Teal are two of the church’s original members and helped with the building of the church with other members. It was a very enjoyable day.

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