Safe Television Day

Arkansas Station Honored for Honoring Wholesome Values

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Springdale, Ark. » Safe TV® was recently recognized once again for providing Safe Television for all Ages® when Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson proclaimed May 8, 2017 as “Safe Television Day” for the state of Arkansas. As multimedia outlets continue to dominate the lives of most Americans, it is to the benefit of our society to promote responsible, wholesome, family-friendly television viewing habits.

Part of the proclamation reads, “The Kaiser Family Foundation has found that 59 percent of young people’s TV viewing consists of live TV on a TV set, and 41 percent is on DVDs, mobile devices, or online. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), increased and unregulated television content may affect daily routines such as eating and communication patterns, and may decrease time spent on other activities.”

Safe TV® is a broadcast station with global headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas. Established in 1995, Safe TV®  continues to “reach the secular world for Christ” with programming that uplifts God, family, and country. 

We invite you to support TV stations that offer high-quality, wholesome, and educational programming that does not promote violence, immorality, or profanity. Safe TV® can be seen at, on ROQU TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV as well as on Android and Apple smart phones apps.

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