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Family’s Search for a Church Ends at Baton Rouge Berean

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Baton Rouge, La. » “I was looking for a church that keeps the Sabbath and actually teaches the true Word, and my search led me to Berean,” was the response of a first-time worshipper, Martisia Netters, at the Baton Rouge Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church. As is his custom, T. Ron Weegar, Berean’s pastor, asked the new worshippers to stand and identify themselves. Thus began our introduction to the Netters, a young family with husband, Bennie, wife, Martisia, and nine-year-old daughter, Brooke. However, this would not be a first and last introduction as the Netters’ faces would become familiar while occupying an up-front pew not only on Sabbath, but during Wednesday night’s “Hour of Praise and Power,” as well. The 30-minute drive from their home in Addis, a West Baton Rouge Parish across the Mississippi River, to Baton Rouge, hasn’t deterred them nor prevented them arriving at church on time.

According to Martisia, or “Tisha” as she is known among friends and family, it was at a car dealership that she became involved in a conversation about religion. She had grown up in one denomination, and had married into another.

Says Tisha, “The salesman began discussing religion and denominations, and Seventh-day Adventists came up.” The back and forth conversation aroused her curiosity. Upon arriving at home, Tisha went to her computer where she began searching for information about Adventism. The more she searched, the more she felt the need for her family to attend an Adventist church. Without realizing it, her further searching, which she is convinced was directed by the Holy Spirit, led her to the listing for the Berean church. 

“My search is over. Berean is where we are going,” admitted an excited Tisha. “The members are so friendly and kind. We love how the church mimics the teachings of the Apostles.” And to the reaction of family and friends to their new church affiliation, she answered, “They ask questions and I just send them Scripture and tell them it’s not what we want; it’s what God wants.”

Presently they are studying with Berean Bible worker Carolyn Blevens. When asked, “Where do you go upon completion of the Bible lessons?” the reply was “To get baptized and become faithful members of the Berean Church.” Weegar is quick to add that he is as anxious as they for that day.

“The Netters came in full force, tithing, removing jewelry, and reporting that, following one of my sermons that stressed the biblical diet, they went home, threw away all their pork and shellfish.” 

“We threw the unclean meats away because since they weren’t good for us, they weren’t good for anybody else,” Tisha chimed in. “What we’re seeing at Berean is the reality of John 10:16 where our Lord tells us He has “other sheep…not of this fold.” “I applaud the Netters’ coming; their willingness to be totally committed. God can save His people who are destined to be saved. He wants us to be involved, but if necessary, will accomplish the work without us,” exclaimed an emphatic Weegar.

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