International Sabbath

Many Cultures Unite to Praise God

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Midland, Texas » On April 15, members of the Midland Seventh-day Adventist Church came together and hosted a special International Sabbath event. The day-long service, which aimed to highlight the diversity that is found in Christ, featured presentations from countries around the globe. 

Native representatives showcased their unique costumes and flags, and the women of the church took a special part in the program by decorating the church with flags from the many different nations and organizing a special fellowship lunch that offered a variety of delicious international dishes. 

The special day’s different speakers discussed how Adventism was introduced in their individual countries, as well as on the current progress that the church is making in each of those countries. An important part of the International Sabbath service featured children from the pastor’s district of three churches. Many of the children were also dressed in native attire. The children presented what they love about their countries and, more importantly, shared how God has blessed them. 

Pastor Abner Razon, who headed this initiative, has been collaborating with a hardworking team from his Midland, Odessa, and Big Spring churches to make this a regular celebration. 

The International Sabbath service was truly successful and proved to be a special day as people from many different ethnicities banded together to worship and praise God. 

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