Youth Rush

Students Share and Learn Through Literature Evangelism

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Texico » New Mexico and West Texas summers would not be the same if energetic young people were not out knocking on doors. Every year students and leaders hit city streets across the Western U.S. for a 10-week student literature evangelism program called Youth Rush. Youth Rush not only gives students the opportunity to share the gospel through Adventist books and DVDs, but 65 percent of all donations are paid back to the students to help them pay for academy and college. Through training and daily personal encounters, students also learn skills needed for successful careers.

Students cover a wide area and visit close to 20 cities. This year, the Texico Conference expanded the Youth Rush program by partnering with the Southwestern Union Conference and the Oklahoma Conference. A total of 13 students and two program leaders participated in Oklahoma, and 15 students and four program leaders participated in New Mexico and West Texas. Many of the participating students were students from Sandia View Academy. 

Texico Conference President Lee-Roy Chacon is excited about the expansion of the program and hopes Youth Rush will continue to grow. “We support this effort so that students can receive a Christian education, a life-changing experience, and most importantly, build a relationship with the Lord,” says Chacon. “The opportunities and experiences students gain is priceless, and it wouldn’t be summer without Youth Rush.”

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