Revealing Revelation

Seven Baptized Following Evangelism Meetings

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Albuquerque, N. Mex. » From May 12 to June 3, international evangelist Richard Halverson presented Bible truths in a Revelation prophecy seminar at Albuquerque’s Central Seventh-day Adventist church. Halverson held nightly meetings covering topics on end-time events.

As a result, seven people made their decision to follow Christ and were baptized. This event also served as a kick-off to train several Southwestern Adventist University theological students. The university’s Field School of Evangelism, led by Bill Kilgore, D.Min., brought seven senior theological students to Albuquerque and offered them on-the-job training. Part of the training consisted of attending daily classes taught by Halverson and Kilgore, and visiting the community to invite them to the seminar. 

The student preachers were able to see their hard work pay off as they saw the people they visited come through the doors. The prophecy seminar was a success and as we will see in the next Record issue, each student took away valuable and unforgettable experiences that will surely shape their future ministries.

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