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Building Knowledge, Increasing Faith, and Providing Service.

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Keene, Texas » School may have been out for the summer but Southwestern Adventist University students were as busy as ever. Catch up with a few of them and what they wereup to this summer.

Adventures in Film

“Through the month of June, I interned as a production assistant and script supervisor for a documentary series created by Southwestern Adventist University and Hope Channel. This particular project focused on the Dinosaur Research Project that is conducted by Southwestern every summer in Northeastern Wyoming. As a production assistant/script supervisor, I floated around the set and wrote down the significant events that would take place for the main editor, who then followed the timeline and created a sequence. I learned what an important process this is, as it helps the editors follow the director’s vision in post-production. 

Additionally, I assisted in recording audio on set and other behind-the-scenes tasks requested by the director or producer. I can’t talk too much about the significant events (you’ll have to watch the show!) but I can tell you that the 20,000th officially-documented bone was discovered while I was there. It was so exciting! This opportunity was one of the best learning experiences that I have received. The hands-on experience that I got from interning on this particular piece has opened my eyes to how real-life documentary filming is conducted. The professionals on set went out of their way to explain why or how they do things. This experience taught me new things every day and I fell in love with my major more and more each day.”

Tanya Soria, a senior film major, interned with Hope Channel and Southwestern Adventist University onsite at their film production location in Wyoming for a new TV series. More information about this exciting project will be coming soon! You can watch a sneak peek of this production at 

An Opportunity to Travel

“I had the privilege of touring through Europe with Southwestern’s University Singers, as well working at summer camp at Camp Yorktown Bay. While both are ministries, they are very different. Being able to sing in Europe allowed us to minister to a group of people who may never have heard of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We were invited to sing for the service of the American Church in Paris on the last Sunday of our tour. The director of music, who had been serving in that church since 1972, said we were one of the most fantastic groups he had ever invited to sing at his church. After the service, church members came up to us, asking us questions about our music, our university, our religion, because we were announced as "Southwestern Adventist University Singers." Our singing attracted them, but it was the testimony of our school and church that was our real ministry. 

Coming back from the tour, I prepared to work at Camp Yorktown Bay in Arkansas. I was the assistant program director, ministering to kids of all ages through planning skits, music services, and Christ-focused activities. The camp’s theme this year, Set Free, was powerful and blessed many kids.”

Lindsey Johnson is a sophomore biology/pre-med major at Southwestern Adventist University. She is also on the Southwestern Acrobatic Team. 

Field School of Evangelism

"Field school has become an incredible experience where we can take everything that we have learned and use it to deepen our devotion to Jesus as we impact the lives around us. It not only prepares us for our future ministry, but it also gives us the opportunity to spread the gospel and grow closer to Christ and each other every day," says Oddie Olazaran. Southwestern’s Field School of Evangelism is the only one of its kind, giving senior theology students an opportunity to practice evangelism under the tutelage of Southwestern professors and other experienced pastors and evangelists such as Mark Finley and Richard Halvorsen. After the mentoring period, the students are put into their own churches, which is a double blessing because the students gain more experience and the churches gain more help to reach their community. The churches are given tools and insight on how to continue to reach their community after the students’ have left. Each year these series are hosted in a different city; this year’s Field School was focused on Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Oddie Olazaran is a senior theology student and a student pastor at Younger Generation Church at the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

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