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Emphasis Day and Pastors’ Summit Aim to End Abuse

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Silver Spring, Md. » The Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes that abuse affects children, women, and men within the church and community. In response, the North American Division and Adventist Risk Management created the enditnow campaign to help break the cycle of abuse. It aims to mobilize Seventh-day Adventists around the world and invites other community groups to join in to resolve this worldwide issue. Through this campaign, Adventist church members are expected to create a global movement that will be mobilized within their own communities, where each person will actively work to create awareness and share solutions on ways to end this global problem.

The North American Division’s enditnow initiative will livestream its bilingual Pastors’ Summit on Abuse on September 11- 12, free of charge for registered participants. This event will provide pastors and chaplains the opportunity to learn how to identify abuse, help victims, and work toward abuse prevention from trained counselors and experts.

Topics to be covered in the summit include: Child Abuse, Child-to-Child Bullying, Teen Dating Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Misapplied Scriptures, and Pastors’ Legal Responsibilities Regarding Abuse and Pastoral Care for the Abuser. Pastors and chaplains should register for the event at

In addition to the Pastors’ Summit, the NAD’s enditnow initiative encourages churches to hold an emphasis day, officially the fourth Sabbath of August (August 26, 2017) but which can be held on any day. Launching a campaign will help your church draw awareness to the issue of abuse, promote collaboration with the community to develop solutions, and help your church become a safe place for everyone.

Find resources for planning an emphasis day at and

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