Larry Moore: Building and Strengthening Family Relationships

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How can we strengthen our relationships? Last month we talked about growing spiritually as a family and I mentioned having worship together. There are many ways and methods that can help strengthen family bonds, but I would say that many could be summed up by simply spending quality time together. Spending time with Jesus in His Word and in prayer is the most important, but it doesn’t end there. Husbands and wives must spend time together. Time well spent engaging with each other exclusively will pay rich dividends. Quality time is a demonstration of love. 

Thoughtful and caring time spent with our children is also of utmost importance. They will enjoy and remember the special time you spend with them. Children don’t need the newest and best clothes or toys. One-on-one time with mom and dad will help them feel special, appreciated, and loved. Talk to your children, show interest, and carefully listen to them. It is never too late to work on your relationship with your kids, no matter how old they are. 

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