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Nashville Church Plant Moves to Mineral Springs

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Mineral Springs, Ark. » In early April, Gary Manly received a phone call from a pastor of a local church. Due to health concerns of the pastor’s father, the church was going to close. The pastor and his wife had seen the Nashville church plant and felt impressed by the Lord to donate everything in their church to  it, as well as their space in Mineral Springs. 

They felt that the Adventist church would continue the Lord’s work in the area until He comes. The pastor’s father had been raised as an Adventist, and his grandparents were devout Adventists. The pastor’s father also wanted to donate a folder of original letters that he had inherited from his parents containing correspondence with leaders of the church working with Ellen White.

Gary and Jan Manly had been impressed by the Lord to move to the Nashville area to help plant a church about three years ago. The Lord had now opened doors for them to move to Mineral Springs, about seven miles away. 

Several members and a majority of the Bible study contacts were also in Mineral Springs. The space that the pastor had been renting in Mineral Springs would cost 30 percent less and had twice as much room as the facility in Nashville. It seemed that the Lord was leading them to Mineral Springs. The Nashville church plant members moved on faith and decided to move the location to Mineral Springs.

The Nashville church plant had its first Sabbath services on April 29 in Mineral Springs. We look forward to seeing how the Lord will lead our church and what doors He will open.

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