A Child’s Prayer

Prayer, Friendship, and Bible Study Lead to Baptism

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Oklahoma City » As a Sabbath School teacher, I know that children often pray for their parents. One of my Sabbath School students, Isaac, is one of those children. We recently celebrated the baptism of Isaac’s mother, Yesy James, at the Midwest City Spanish church in Del City. Isaac’s grandparents, Moise and Cecilia Dia, had been praying for James and encouraging her for some time. James had been raised in a different denomination and had believed Sunday to be the true Sabbath. When she visited the Adventist church, she was befriended by Flor Diaz and her husband, who faithfully studied the Bible with her. Flor and her husband, Moise and Cecilia Dia, and little Isaac all prayed for her to accept Bible truth. When James took this to God in prayer, she was convicted that Saturday is indeed the Sabbath of the Lord and made the decision to be baptized. God loves to hear the prayers of our children and He is faithful to answer.

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