Grandmother Rose

A Faithful Woman of God

Broken Arrow » Pilgrims are often defined as those who travel seeking a new place. Normally we think of pilgrims as those who traveled from England in 1620 to America. They crossed the ocean in ships call schooners. Pilgrims seeking new land in Indian Territory crossed over land in covered wagons, called prairie schooners. People eagerly accepted the government's offer of free homesteads in what is now the state of Oklahoma. These settlers began arriving in Indian Territory on foot, horseback, riding mules, and traveling in their covered wagons. No matter how they arrived in this new place, all were awaiting the gunshot signaling the start of the great land rush of 1889. Unfortunately, many arrived early, crossed over prior to the official starting gunshot and chose the best spots for themselves. These early starters were later called Sooners.

Rose Trent and her family came after the rush and traveled further to find a good homestead near Hinton, Oklahoma. They had given up much to make this journey into unknown territory. Her father had a Post Office and general store in Kentucky and was also the Baptist preacher. They left with few possessions, but with abundant faith that God was leading them to a heavenly place. 

Eventually, their travels took them to a settlement that was appealing to them. They heard the sound of beautiful hymns floating through the air and discovered a Seventh-day Adventist camp meeting. They joined the congregation to listen to a sermon on Sabbath keeping. Rose rode shotgun with her father while her mother and siblings rode in back of the wagon. As they left the meeting, Mr. Trent turned to his very religious daughter and asked what she thought about keeping the Sabbath on Saturday. She replied she wasn't sure, but was going to find out. One year and many studies later, Rose and her family were baptized into the local Adventist Church. She took the plunge, literally, into the icy river, on January 9, 1890. 

Many have probably never heard of the Trent family, but this lineage has produced many church workers and several pastors. Our pastor, Clayton Calvert, knew this courageous pilgrim as Grandmother Rose, a true Oklahoma pioneer and a faithful woman of God.

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