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Doing the Right Thing for Others

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The school bell rang and it was time for one of my favorite parts of the day: lunchtime! I was extremely hungry and could not wait to start eating the lunch my mom had packed for me. She had packed a turkey sandwich, a juicy green apple, cheese and crackers, and my favorite orange juice.

Suddenly, my best friend Charles, who had a sad look on his face, came and sat next to me. “Where is your lunch?” I asked him. “I forgot it at home,” he replied joylessly. “I’m so sorry Charles. Hopefully you remember to bring it tomorrow,” I told him. He then asked me if I could give him some of my lunch. I politely told him I couldn’t because I was really hungry and I didn’t have enough food to give him.

As soon as I uttered those words to him, Charles walked away with a very sad look on his face. After Charles left, I thought to myself, I wish I could give him some of my lunch, but I just don’t have enough. I wanted to share with my friend but I didn’t.

The next day was an important day as I was going to present one of my school projects. I was really excited to show my classmates what I had built. After presenting my science project, which consisted of volcanoes and lava, it was time for lunch. When I went to look for my lunch inside of my backpack, it wasn’t there! Then I realized that I had left it at home that morning on one of the living room tables. I was highly disappointed because I had forgotten my lunch and that meant I wasn’t going to eat until after  school that day.

While at the cafeteria, noticing that I was sitting alone, Charles came and sat next to me during lunch. “Where is your lunch?” he asked me. “I forgot it at home,” I sadly replied. To my surprise, Charles did not hesitate to give me half of his sandwich, some grapes, and crackers. At that moment, I realized that Charles’ kindness and sharing attitude was something that I really admired. I saw how God used Charles’ kind heart to teach me a lesson. Although Charles did not have much, he was willing to share with me what he had so that I could eat; something that I failed to do with him the day before.

Sometimes, we don’t like to share or help others because we don’t like for them to have our things. However, God tells us in the Bible that we have to help and share with the people who are less fortunate than us. That can mean giving food to those who don’t have anything to eat, or providing clothes to those who have nothing to wear.

God promises to keep blessing us if we are kind to others. So the next time your friend asks for your help or for anything in particular, do not hesitate to help or share with them what you have. That’s how you reflect the love of Jesus to them: through your kindness.

Download August 2017 Kids’ Activity Pages (PDF | JPG)

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