Berean Graduates Seven

Speaker Encourages Students to “Wait On the Lord”

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Baton Rouge, La. »“Class of 2017, you are representatives of the number seven: God’s number of perfection,” stated Sybil Jordan, principal of Martin Luther King Academy, to the seven graduates. It was at the end of the ceremony that Jordan made these remarks. The address to the graduates by speaker Buford Griffith, III, Superintendent of Education for the Southwest Region Conference, preceded Jordan’s remarks.

The evening’s ceremony began with the sixth- and seventh- grade classes forming the honor guard for Berean’s blessed seven. The graduates in their blue gowns with white stoles chose as their theme “Wait on the Lord” with the scripture of Psalm 27:14.

Griffith’s address to the graduates reminded them that their educational journeys would not necessarily end at graduation. “Don’t let this robe be your last, but make it the beginning of at least three more—high school, college, and grad school. But none of this can be accomplished without staying with God...Go to God for direction, but be sure to follow the direction.” 

“Now is not the time to stray from God” was his final challenge to graduates. Then, he called up retiring teacher Ivy Jones and recognized her years of service. Next was the awarding of diplomas. Both Jordan and Jones contributed to the dialogue on each graduate. 

Capitalizing on Griffith’s address, Berean’s pastor, T. Ron Weegar, introduced the fourth robe, “the robe of righteousness that each of us should be striving toward.” And the audience acquiesced with a resounding “Amen.”

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