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Panthers Leap into the 21st Century

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McAllen » South Texas Christian Academy (STCA) in McAllen, Texas, is pushing the envelope for technology so much that Apple had to modify software to meet the needs of the school.

Each student in grades five to 12 receives an iPad to enrich their learning as STCA strives to provide a meaningful Christian education. As a result of this program, paper usage was reduced by more than 70 percent. The students no longer need to make poster boards. Instead, they use apps on their iPad to create colorful, moving, and engaging presentations. They create videos for worship presentations, create music and art through the latest apps, and engage each other in online class discussions.

The move away from traditional pencil and paper education will cement STCA as an important academy for today and in the future as the staff strive to educate students now, and most importantly, for eternity.

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