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Finding the Core of Success

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Keene, Texas » Allan Cardozo, Southwestern alumni, believes that hard work is the key to every success story. Starting as an intern Flash developer, Cardozo is now the Interactive Director at Pavlov Advertising Agency. He encourages Southwestern students to work hard and rise to the top of each respective field.

“We Southwesterners, as Seventh-day Adventists, are to be at the top of our careers,” says Cardozo. “We have to show that we have the chops to be both business- and Christ-oriented. When students work hard and allow God to lead, they will succeed.”

As a computer science student, Cardozo found great interest in learning how to use software, such as Flash. Dr. Daryl Thomas, Chair of Computer Science, gave advice that Cardozo still clearly remembers. He told Cardozo that it’s good to learn software, but that they will not be around forever.

“What you need to learn is the actual base,” said Thomas. “The tool behaviour, rather than just the software. That way you can keep moving along as software changes.”

“That actually opened my eyes and I have seen it over my professional career,” says Cardozo.

One day, a shy friend asked Cardozo for help with a job interview at an advertising agency called Concussion, Blow to Conventional Thinking. His friend got an internship, which led to a full-time job. The open and creative work environment of Concussion impressed Cardozo. Six months later, he eagerly accepted an internship when that friend put in a good word.

The internship led to a full-time position. Leaders at the company encouraged Cardozo to try new things. Cardozo began to branch out and bring new ideas to the table, studying and improving in website design. He worked hard and continued to learn. Cardozo even decided to study for an MBA at Southwestern.

“There are two ways to get to the top,” says Cardozo. “One is to work your way up over a long period of time. Another is to bring great ideas to the table and show your worth. One of the quickest routes to this, in my opinion, is to get a master’s degree.”

Cardozo is now the interactive director of that company, rebranded to PAVLOV, Stimulating Response. It’s inspired by Ivan Pavlov and his stimulus response for dogs.

With an open work environment and creative team members, Cardozo is right at home. The company is a small firm, but works on big projects. For example, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of Pavlov’s clients. Cardozo leads design for the airport’s website.

Southwestern prepared Cardozo to be a determined and hardworking person. He learned timeless skills that guided him toward success. He continues to look out for Southwestern students, encouraging them to apply for internships, often at his own firm. In addition, Southwestern taught him important spiritual values. Some of Cardozo’s favorite memories include attending Afterglow at Evans Hall.

“There is a sense of Christianity at Southwestern,” says Cardozo. “I’ve found that really made a difference to me. The University gave me opportunities and prepared me for the future. I encourage Southwestern students to keep looking forward. The sky's the limit to us.”

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