Larry Moore: Creating a Roadmap for Success

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The pilot’s voice came over the communication system. Addressing the passengers on the flight, he said, “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that we’re lost; the good news is that we’re making excellent time.” This joke may be silly, but the reality is that with no plan, there is no success. This holds true with our spiritual lives as well. If we set no direction on our course, we are bound to fail in our endeavor. However, if we plan to pursue God and stay focused on growing and learning, through His grace we will reach our heavenly destination. 

We are not on this journey alone. It is important to involve every family member when we create a roadmap for success in our home. As our families grow, both children and parents alike should collaborate in this effort. If children understand that their words and input matters, they will feel ownership. Family worship won’t be a drag, but rather something to look forward to. 

Spouses should also come together regularly to share ideas and dreams on bended knee. Many times we depend on one spouse more than the other for certain family tasks. However, in leading the family closer and closer to Christ, both spouses should join forces in decision-making and prayer. The more we work together the better it will be, and God will bless your efforts.

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