Buford Griffith: Creating a Roadmap for Success

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In 1914, British explorer Ernest Shackleton set sail aboard a ship named Endurance. He was seeking the last unclaimed prize in polar exploration:crossing the Antarctic continent on foot. The journey was long and hazardous but the goal was achieved without the loss of one of his crew. Shackleton’s motto was “fortitudine vincimus,” or, by endurance we conquer.

In the delicate work of establishing Christ-centered homes, we need God’s power, determination, and commitment. God has more than enough power to carry us through. To receive this power, James 4:2 tells us we must pray for it. “You do not have because you do not ask God.” With God’s enabling power in our lives, we can succeed in building the homes that reflect God’s character.

An attitude of determination, like Shackleton’s, is needed for the healthy upbuilding of our homes and families. Difficulties will come. We can count on that. Seemingly insurmountable roadblocks will hinder our progress, but God stands ready to fill us with determination––if we would simply ask.

A covenant relationship means committing to putting others’ needs before our own. It involves every member learning to put the interest of other family members before their needs and desires. This flushing out of selfishness cannot be accomplished in our own strength. The power of the “covenant relationship” is God Himself. He is our enabler and the One who creates the commitment for us to follow His roadmap for family happiness. 

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