Arkansas-Louisiana Conference


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Some time ago I heard Mark Lowry sing the song, “Everyone’s talking about heaven, but no one wants to die.” A little further into the song, the words went like …

Adventurer Sabbath

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Baton Rouge, La. » On May 6, 2017, the Baton Rouge Adventurer Club celebrated Adventurer Sabbath with Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Adventurer and Pathfinder Director, Lloyd Clapp, who also spoke for the …

Texarkana Baptisms

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Texarkana, Ark. » Isaac Privett, an intern from Ouachita Hills College, worked with Daniel Supler, district pastor, for several weeks as they ministered to the area.  Assisted also by Personal …

“Why Pray?”

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Texarkana, Ark. » The Texarkana Seventh-day Adventist Church sign, “Why Pray When You Can Worry?” intended as a play on words and food for thought, caught the eye of passerby …

Safety Sunday

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Ozark, Ark. » On June 25, 2017, the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry, along with the help of members from the Ozark Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsored …

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