Daniel and Revelation in Song

Givhan and Millea Present Prophecy Concert

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Bristow » Musicians Lee Givhan and John Millea recently presented the books of Daniel and Revelation through spoken word and music in Bristow. The two met through Adventist counselor, author, and songwriter Jennifer Jill Schwirtzer, of Lesser Light Collective (LLC).

LLC has produced two albums, “The Lamb Wins” on the book of Revelation and “The King Dreams” on the book of Daniel. Both albums feature Givhan and Millea, along with other artists from around the U.S. and the world. The members travel the U.S. and often stay with local musicians and Adventist church members.

Givhan and Millea, who is Bristow’s head elder, both played guitars and sang, while Givhan, a former Quaker-turned-rap-artist-turned-baptized-Adventist, also recited spoken word pieces. Millea incorporated his harmonica. For more information about Lesser Light Collective, visit

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