God’s Plans Never Fail

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When I was six my family planned a vacation to Colombia. We lived in Ecuador at the time, which is a bordering country with Colombia, and decided to make the most of our trip by making it a road trip. We planned all the cities and towns we would visit along the way, where we would stay, and even which restaurants we would eat at. It would be a long trip and we knew we were going to spend several hours in our car, so we prepared and brought along pillows, games, and snacks.

When we began our road trip, we were so excited! Everything was going smoothly and as planned. We made it to Colombia without any trouble and began our tour of the country. We stopped to see beautiful waterfalls, swim in the rivers and eat amazing Colombian food. Two days into our road trip on a Friday night we decided to stop for a picnic dinner along the way because it was getting late and we were hungry. We enjoyed our picnic and at sunset we welcomed the Sabbath with happy hearts. We weren’t far from where we would be staying that night so we didn’t hurry to get back on the road.

Later, dad turned the key in the ignition, but the car did not turn on. At this point the sun had set and we were in the middle of nowhere. Dad tried to do all he could think to do, but the car would not start. We were tired and worried. The roads at night are not the safest place. We found ourselves lost, frustrated, and we felt stranded. “How could this have happened to us?” Dad said in frustration. He had been careful to take the car to the mechanic before the trip to make sure everything would run smoothly.

We decided to give up for the night, sleep in the car and wait until morning to get help. We felt sad and defeated. As we got back in the car, we prayed that God would send His angels to protect us during the night and went to sleep.

Not even an hour had passed when we heard a knock on the window. Dad rolled down his window to see a policeman standing outside. “Pastor, what are you doing here?” the policeman asked. Dad went on to explain the situation. Dad and the three policemen who had come to our rescue began looking at the engine of the car again to figure out the problem. 

The policeman said, “Pastor, your car has an electric problem, this is what you need....” and he proceeded to tell us the exact battery type the car needed and what we would have to do to fix it. Within minutes of the policemen arriving, our car was working once again.

You see, even when we plan for the most minute details, things don’t always work out as planned. Sometimes plans have a way of giving up on us and we are left stranded. It is these times in which we must rely on God, because His plans never fail. When we come to him with our needs He will be sure to provide for us. That night we asked God to send His angels to protects us as we slept; instead, He sent His angels as policemen with the talents of mechanics to get us out of there. The policemen had never met us before, but they called my dad “pastor” nonetheless. They could not have known that my dad was a pastor unless they were sent by God. When our plans fail, we must turn to God because there is nothing God is not willing to do for us. All we have to do is ask.

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