Texarkana Outreach Church

Bethel Church Members Visit with the Community

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Texarkana, Texas » As a part of evangelist efforts in the Texarkana area, Kenneth Edwards, pastor of the Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church, organized and instructed members about a community outreach program one sabbath afternoon in April.

After the fellowship meal, the members were prepared to focus on evangelizing a local apartment complex, where the pastor and a church member, Patricia Shephard, formed a children’s ministry by providing a variety of activities that share the love of God.

With Christian joy, love, and unity, the members got involved by wearing a blue T-shirt with the description, “Straight Outta Bethel SDA Church Exodus 20:8-11.” Members loaded into the van and drove to the apartments.

After arrival, we were divided into five teams. Then, prayer was offered for the Spirit’s power and guidance. The members began walking and knocking, placing gift bags on doors containing inspirational books—Steps to Christ and The Great Controversy.

Gift bags were left at 112 homes, and the residents gratefully received them. Before leaving, we joined together in a circle while one of our members prayed for the community and traveling mercies of all the members. This outreach was a pleasant and inspiring experience.

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