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Houston Central Regional Spanish Church Opens Doors

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Houston, Texas » From August 24 to September 3, the Houston Central Regional Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church united to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. From the start of the hurricane, the church opened its doors to provide refuge and assistance to the church family. 

The community services ministry, Dorcas, with the support of the elders, Master Guides, Pathfinders, Disaster Coordinator, and countless members, stepped up to serve the Houston Community by meeting the needs of all who came to the church for help.

Two distribution areas were established, one at 6620 Rampart Street and the other at the Famsa store. The Famsa store gave us permission to operate from their parking lot and they also provided 25 boxes of water to give to the community.

Many more came to support—the Houston police congratulated our church for it’s contribution and hard work; the Red Cross brought emergency kits; a community church provided water and fruit; and a truck from Austin brought clothing, shoes, and food. It was a great blessing to see how we stood united!

During the storm days, we were able to house ten families in our temporary church-shelter. On Sunday, September 2, we helped more than 40 families, but on September 3 we received an even greater blessing. We estimate that around 700 people came to us for help and we are grateful that we were able to serve them all. We have taken every opportunity to share messages of hope by sharing literature, encouragement, and love.

The gentlemen in our church are also working very hard to repair the damages the water caused in our member’s homes. On September 3, they had already removed floors and sheetrock in two homes. We thank God for His blessings and the privilege to serve our community. We are grateful to all of you for your solidarity. 

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