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Chef Tupolo Encouraged Fun, Healthy Eating

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LaRue » Chef Sualua Tupolo shaped fruits and vegetables into palm trees and birds during a cooking class coordinated by Chandler Adventist Fellowship in East Texas. Focused on the young people in attendance, Tupolo’s goal was to show them healthy eating could be fun and easy.

Tupolo has been a chef for a variety of prestigious kitchens, special government events, legislators, and heads of state. He also hosted a vegetarian cooking show on the Hope Channel.

When asked why he became a chef, Tupolo shared that he was one of 10 children and worked after school at Meals on Wheels. While working there, he realized he liked cooking, so the chef helped him apply to culinary school.

Ann Allen brought her 10-year-old son, Donald, to the class, to encourage his love of cooking and meet a real chef.

The kid-friendly recipes Tupolo demonstrated to attendees were all plant-based.

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