John Page: Moving Beyond My Comfort Zone

Love Never Fails

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As I am writing this article, we have just had three major hurricanes hit the United States. Harvey had a tremendous impact in our Union, from Corpus Christi, Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Those communities have had their lives completely disrupted. Some of our church members lost their homes or businesses, and many had their lives in danger at some point. 

I am thankful for the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church and the members from around the country who have come to volunteer. They have not only come to help rebuild churches, but also to help our members and go into the community to help strangers. The North American Division, Adventist Development and Relief Agency, and Adventist Community Services are putting money into our Union to help people in need. 

I have seen an incredible giving spirit from people. Church members went out to save people’s lives, and people have gone in homes of complete strangers to help clean and make repairs. Our Church is not the buildings where we meet; our Church is the members showing Jesus to people in their communities. I don’t know why God allows these tragic events to happen, but I do know that God’s name is glorified when we reach out to help people in need. 

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