Little Ones Lead Out

Heber Springs Enjoys Youth Sabbath

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Heber Springs, Ark. » Youth Sabbath at the Heber Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church is always a blessing. This year our youth conducted the entire worship service. Clayton Owens, a 14-year old student, gave the sermon, and Braxton Brents and Layla Owens performed the elders’ duties. The Kindergarten class sang special music, “This Little Light of Mine,” while holding up their battery candles. The scripture was a reading of a section of the ten commandments. Members and parents were overwhelmed at how serious and spiritual the children were since the Kindergarten class has two three-year-olds and three six-year-olds, and our other youth are various ages. What a blessing for our church family to have these precious youth learning to take part in our church service. May God guide us as we teach them to love the Lord.

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