Missionary Methods

Developing Ways to Impact Those Within Arm’s Reach

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During his junior year at Pacific Union College in California, Dan Serns realized that he was trusting too strongly in himself rather than in God. He had grown up in a Seventh-day Adventist home, but a recent conversion experience was challenging his self-reliance. 

At PUC, he studied religion and business with the idea of becoming a Christian businessman. Several months after graduating from PUC, Serns and other several pastors decided to open a language school near the Texas-Mexico border to show students the light of Jesus. Serns wanted to be a part of a church that not only preached, but took action in impacting others. It was through this platform that Serns discovered his passion for ministry and his love of spreading the gospel of Jesus to others.

Serns, now the Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference, has four different methods that he practices in his ministry and personal life to spread the gospel to others. He believes these four simple methods can be practiced and used by anyone who wants to lead others to Christ.

Prayer Warriors

The first method Serns uses to spread the gospel is by simply being a prayer warrior. In essence, this means to be a champion of prayer and continuously praying for those people that might be going through a difficult time. Interceding for others demonstrates genuine care for the struggles in their lives. Asking God to be with them through every situation will strengthen their faith. 

GLOW Missionaries

Secondly, Serns encourages everyone to get involved with GLOW missionary work. Being a glow missionary means giving out GLOW tracts, small pamphlets with quick insightful messages, to anyone that you might encounter. Serns uses this method to begin conversation, get to know other people, and tell them about our loving Savior. Something as simple as giving a GLOW tract to a server at a restaurant, something that Serns does every time he dines out, can go a long way and make a lasting impact on a person.

Baptism Coaches

The third method that Serns practices in his ministry and personal life is the idea of being a baptism coach. As a baptism coach, you serve as the leader who will guide someone to make a commitment to Christ. Baptism coaches help others get to know Jesus through friendship, prayer, and Bible studies.

Homes of Hope

The fourth and final method that Serns uses to tell others about Jesus is having a home of hope. Serns believes that any person or family, no matter where they live, whether it be a mansion, a mobile home, or apartment, can be a home of hope. A home of hope is a home that shares the love of Christ to others in their neighborhood. Your neighbors might appreciate the simple gesture of receiving cookies with a Bible message attached, demonstrating that you have a home of hope. Hosting Bible studies in your home or just praying for your neighbors also plays a part in being a home of hope.

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