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Reaching Out

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As the catastrophic images flooded our television screens - images of people wading through chest-high water, some of them carrying small children, and senior citizens sitting in waist-high water in …

Answering the Call

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Dallas » There was nothing typical about Hurricane Harvey. As the storm hit Rockport, Texas, at peak intensity, many prayed it would move out of the state quickly. Unfortunately, that …

“Big 50 Club”

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Denton » Fifty-one small cardboard churches were given to Denton First Seventh-day Adventist Church members on June 3, 2017, with the goal of having each one filled with $50 by …

“For the City”

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Greenville » Greenville Seventh-day Adventist Church members joined volunteers from 24 area churches for a major community service initiative. Prior to the event, 35 people participated in 10 hours of …

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