“Big 50 Club”

Denton First’s Building Project

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Denton » Fifty-one small cardboard churches were given to Denton First Seventh-day Adventist Church members on June 3, 2017, with the goal of having each one filled with $50 by early August. Derek Lazarus, senior pastor, named the campaign the “Big 50 Club.” His desire was for the little cardboard church to represent the building that God would provide in His timing. He encouraged members with this story:

In 1912, Russell Conwell, a Philadelphia pastor, shared the story of Hattie May Wiatt. She tried to attend church, but it was often too crowded. Conwell told her that one day they would have a church large enough for everyone. When Wiatt became sick and died, her mother gave Conwell money that Hattie May had been saving to help build a bigger church. It amounted to $0.57. Conwell exchanged the $0.57 into pennies. After telling his congregation the story, the pennies were sold for about $250, enabling them to buy a nearby house and encouraging the members to continue Hattie May’s goal.

“‘Test me in this,’ says the Lord Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven’” (Malachi 3:10). When the gifts of those participating in the “Big 50 Club” were counted, the total was $7,286.17, well above the expected return.

It is the members’ prayer that God will bless the money and help them find the facility God has waiting for them.

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