“For the City”

Serving Our Neighbors

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Greenville » Greenville Seventh-day Adventist Church members joined volunteers from 24 area churches for a major community service initiative. Prior to the event, 35 people participated in 10 hours of corporate prayer. The projects undertaken by the volunteers included repairs to 12 homes, mowing and trimming trees in 10 yards, picking up trash, and repairing retaining walls and painting at the Greenville Sports Park. Approximately 400 residents visited nursing homes and patients in local medical facilities, and 500 goody bags were packed and distributed to residents and workers from all across the local area. Approximately 1,000 meals were served, and volunteers also visited 200 local businesses for prayer and encouragement. It was a blessing for church members to be a part of this Christ-like behavior. We will continue to look for ways to serve our community and show the love of Jesus.

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