Buford Griffith: Reaching Further to Engage Others and Community

Love Never Fails

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Matthew 24:33 declares that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ “is near, right at the door.” This is not a statement of doom and gloom, but rather for the expectant Christian, a good news announcement! Personal, spiritual preparation is essential but helping others prepare for that grand event is just as important. Reaching beyond our own needs to the needs of any who enter our circle of influence is the greatest demonstration of our love and faith of Jesus Christ.

The recent natural disasters in the United States, Mexico and across the globe, along with the ongoing turmoil in our society, all signal the fact that only God is the resolver of earth’s challenges. 

The appeal is for all of us to “reach further” in our labor of love for the salvation of our family, friends, neighbors and those in the communities in which we live. The Church is one instrument that God uses to reach people, but our individual efforts reach beyond what the Church can and is able to do. In many ways, we can go where the Church cannot. 

Remember: the Great Commission was given to Christ’s disciples, not an institution. In Matthew 28 He bade them, and us as His disciples today, to go, make, baptize, and teach. He promised to be with us always, so don’t hesitate as you go and reach!

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