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Love Never Fails

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In David Platt’s book Radical, he describes the scene of Luke 9 as Jesus almost trying to talk people out of following Him. Jesus basically informs them that there is a cost to following Him––you could become homeless and don’t even get to say goodbye to your family. In the book of Mark, Jesus asks a young man to sell everything and to follow Him. The man had been keeping the commandments but when Jesus told him to sell everything and follow him, the man went away sad. In contrast, it is interesting to note Elisha’s response to Elijah’s request to follow him. Elisha sacrifices the oxen, burns his plow, and follows Elijah. There was no turning back. Elisha was committed, he left his comfort zone, and was going where God had called him.

I recently heard a sermon that has had an impact on me. The pastor was talking about getting out of your comfort zone and showing love to those in your community. He stated that a true act of love is when someone does something that is inconvenient for someone else. If it is not inconvenient, then we have not done something that shows true love. There is a cost to following Jesus. Are you ready to be inconvenienced to show Jesus’s love to people? Jesus is ready to use you in tremendous ways that you cannot even imagine. 

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