Helping Those in Need

Church Sends Supplies to Hurricane Survivors

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Bonnerdale, Ark. » After Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston and the surrounding areas, many of the members in the Bonnerdale Seventh-day Adventist Church wanted to do something to help, although many roads into Houston were still closed due to floodwaters and continued rain.. On Monday, after the gurricane had made landfall, church member Max Holland told me, “We need to do something. We need to get involved and go help them.” After seeing a story from the Washington Post about the Beaumont Seventh-day Adventist Church, which was distributing water, food, personal care items, diapers, etc., to anyone in need, a group of members was inspired to gather donations and make the trip to Beaumont, Texas.

By Friday morning at 5:00 a.m., there was a truck and trailer loaded with drinking water, diapers, formula, wipes, bread, canned food, etc., to help alleviate some suffering. Max, his wife Brittney, and daughter Mackenzie, along with another member, Lance Womack, made the trip. 

They were shocked by what they saw. The water had receded, but the damage it left behind was evident. People had huge piles of personal belongings and furniture, now reduced to ruin, lining the street in front of their homes. Carpets, furniture, mattresses, and drywall were all piled up, along with refrigerators and appliances. The group helped unload and distribute the goods they collected. Womack spent some time helping people remove damaged items from their homes.

Womack commented that even though the impact of the storm damaged a lot of things, the people were all working together to clean up. Neighbors were helping neighbors, strangers were helping strangers, and in the midst of the chaos and the remnants of what Harvey brought, solidarity and unity among people of multiple ethnicities was the result. Racial and language barriers seemed to disappear as everyone helped everyone. In spite of all the divisiveness that gets promoted in the media, people in need were helping other people in need, just when they needed it most.

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