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Unfinished Church Already Being Used for Baptisms

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Amity, Ark. » The Amity Seventh-day Adventist Church urgently needs to complete construction on its new building to facilitate outreach to the community. Although progress has been slow as the 10,000 sq/ft structure is being built mostly with local help and as debt free as possible, more than 10 people have already been baptized in the fully functional baptistery. Sheetrock dust and the smell of new paint mingle with our singing as the unfinished walls echo the strains of heaven’s rejoicing throughout the building.

Now in the finishing stages, the Amity church would welcome skilled, mission-minded individuals to help in finishing carpentry, cabinetry, general construction, flooring, and plumbing. Travel expense reimbursement and RV site or RV housing will be provided. Free vegan food for volunteers is available at nearby Ouachita Hills Academy and College. Call Rob Neall at 540.312.2450 for more information.

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