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Communities Serving Communities After Hurricane Harvey

Davis » Several days after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, my daughter, Scharla, asked if I remembered the Adventist Community Services buckets that our Pathfinder Club had filled after a previous disaster. She shared that her students at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf (OSD) wanted to do something and thought maybe they could fill more buckets. I told her I would come and share what the project was about. When I left OSD, I stopped by Davis Landmark Bank and asked if they would be a drop-off location for the project. They not only agreed but asked if could they help, too! Quickly, they reached out to area banks and we had drop-off locations in three communities across Murray County. Before I left, one of the bankers shared that this project needed to be in the Davis newspaper. One of the vice presidents stepped out of his office and said, "I have the Davis newspaper on the phone. If you will go there right now, they will get an article in the paper." The newspaper staff asked if the public schools were involved yet. Very soon, both the Davis and Sulphur public schools were participating, and the Sulphur newspaper wanted to run the story, too.

Members of the Arbuckle View Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with members of the community, met at church and filled 86 buckets and 141 comfort kits. I went to the local U-Haul dealer and asked about the cost of a trailer. The owner said “Come back Friday and pick one up. Bring it back when you return—my donation.” It is a most wonderful and fascinating thing to watch the Lord work! 

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