Songs of Gratitude

Sharing an Abundance of Kindness

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I was so excited! School was out for the summer and it was time to visit grandma and grandpa in California. A whole year had gone by and I couldn’t wait to see them. My family and I had moved to Mexico while my dad finished his college degree. We didn’t have extra money for toys and games, but we were happy with what we had and thankful for our family.

The trip from Mexico to California was very long and took us through many towns and cities, mountains and valleys, deserts and forests. We finally made it to grandpa and grandma’s house and after many hugs and kisses, we said thank you to Jesus for watching over us.

My sister and I loved to sing and Mom loved to teach us songs about Jesus. We often sang at home and in church. We were invited to share these songs at grandpa’s and grandma’s church on Sabbath. So, we rehearsed for the concert the first days we arrived in California.

The concert day arrived. Mom dressed my sister and me in matching white dresses with red trim that a friend had made for us. My sister and I sang, Mom played the piano, and Dad spoke. We sang about the snowflakes that God made unique like us, we sang about the animals and other the things we are grateful for, and we sang about the love we have for our grandpas and grandmas. When the hour-long concert was over, we received many hugs and words of appreciation. We were delighted to meet so many people and see so many happy faces. We felt good about making others happy and singing for Jesus.

The day after the concert, we went to the store with mom. My sister and I saw a set of play food with its own shopping cart. We were thrilled at the idea of playing supermarket or restaurant, or just cooking for our dolls so we ran to mom and asked if we could please have the set. Mom sadly told us that we could not afford it. Although this made my sister and I sad too, we understood and did not ask again. While mom checked out at the register we looked at the play food one last time before leaving the store.

On our way out, a lady walked up to us and told mom to wait because she wanted to give us something. The lady came back shortly and said, “Go pick the playset you want. It’s my gift to you.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Why would someone be so kind to us? The lady went on to say that she was at the concert the day before and had heard us sing. We had brought joy to her heart and she wanted to show us her gratitude for what we had done for her.

We had the play food set for many years after that and every time we played it reminded us of the kind lady. I also learned that showing our love for others can happen in any place and in many ways.

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